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ResMed Introduces S9 AutoSet For Her

Women CPAP users are now able to have a APAP that they can call their own. ResMed has introduced the S9 AutoSet for Her. A stylish new look to the S9 Autoset accents educational materials for women. ResMed hopes the new style will help promote emotional acceptance of the CPAP machine as well as promote higher levels of compliance...

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Respironics Releases GoLife for Women

Another long wait is finally over. It seems there have been a few this year with CPAP products. Respironics has released the new nasal interface mask called GoLife for Women. Earlier this year, the GoLife for Men caused quite a stir when it was released. The GoLife for Women promises to continue the hype and be a new staple for Women in the sleep therapy arena...

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Sleep Apnea Death Risks

A wonderful article over at WebMD discusses hightened risks of car wrecks, diabetes, heart attack, and pregnancy complications due to sleep apnea.

Some quick highlights:

  • Alan Mulgrew, MD, and colleagues at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver compared the claims and accident records of 800 patients with confirmed sleep apnea with those of 800 people who did not have sleep apnea. Over the three years before their diagnosis, the sleep apnea patients were nearly five times more likely to have serious car crashes than were other drivers.
  • To see whether the diabetes and sleep apnea were related, researchers kept track of nearly 600 sleep apnea patients for up to six years. Compared with similar men without sleep apnea, the patients were more than two-and-a-half times more likely to develop diabetes.
  • Women with sleep apnea were twice as likely as other women to have gestational diabetes.
  • Women with sleep apnea were four times more likely than other women to have pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

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New CPAP Masks Target Sleep Apnea Therapy Options for Women

Updated on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 10:36AM by Registered

Sleep Apnea has long been thought to be a condition only experienced by middle-aged overweight men. The stereotypical snoring man who gasps for breath while sleeping and sometimes stops breathing altogether should no longer be the norm. Women make up a third of the total diagnosed population with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and manufacturers, sleep clinics, and retailers are starting to notice.

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