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March 7-13th is National Sleep Awareness Week

Here at, we try to encourage education and sleep awareness every day. We are extremely supportive of the work that the NSF does and hope to be a bigger part of the effort in the future. We utilize Facebook and Twitter to inform our patients of news stories and product information that are relevant to their daily lives. This blog is also a great resource for patient reviews of products, as well as news and event information...

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New CPAP Masks Target Sleep Apnea Therapy Options for Women

Updated on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 10:36AM by Registered

Sleep Apnea has long been thought to be a condition only experienced by middle-aged overweight men. The stereotypical snoring man who gasps for breath while sleeping and sometimes stops breathing altogether should no longer be the norm. Women make up a third of the total diagnosed population with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and manufacturers, sleep clinics, and retailers are starting to notice.

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Sleep disorders happen to every age group.

Sleep disorders happen in every age group. Unfortunately, sleep disorders in teens have become more common than most people realize. Most teens are sleep deprived even if they do not suffer from a sleep disorder. This has sparked a need to promote sleep awareness among teens, parents and teachers.

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10 Warning Signs for Sleep Apnea

A quick list of 10 warning signs that you may have sleep apnea, and may need to talk to your doctor. Use this as a guide, but remember that sleep apnea has a huge effect on your quality of life and you may not even know it...

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Professional Drivers and Sleep Apnea

More on professional drivers and sleep apnea.


The National Transportation Safety Board on Sept. 28 determined that driver fatigue stemming from sleep loss, circadian disruption and sleep apnea were at fault in its investigation of a highly publicized multi-vehicle accident in June 2009 involving a tractor-trailer that killed 10 people near Miami, Okla.

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National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day!  Enjoy those cups today but remember to think about how caffeine can affect your sleep habits.  The National Sleep Foundation has a wonderful article on caffeine and sleep.  Read more:


Woman in fatal I-44 pileup seeks rule changes

Check out this article from NewsOK - The Oklahoman.


The lethal combination of Creed's acute sleep loss, shift work schedule and mild sleep apnea is the reason Synthia Tate wants to see some changes with the truck driving industry.

"He (Creed) shouldn't have been on the road for 10 hours,” Tate said.

The federal board approved several recommendations, but Tate wants more restrictions, including a cap on how long a driver can be on the road. Drivers shouldn't be on the road past an eight-hour day, she said.

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What is OSA?

OSA afflicts 20 million adult men and women in the United States. People who have OSA stop breathing repeatedly during sleep because the airway collapses. Airway collapse may be due to such factors as a large tongue, extra tissue in the airway, or decreased muscle tone holding the airway open. As a result, air is prevented from getting into the lungs. These pauses in breathing can happen 30 times or more per hour...

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