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A Review of the ResMed Mirage FX

Updated on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 5:26PM by Registered

ResMed's new one-size-fits-most Mirage FX CPAP mask is taking off in popularity. A quick scan of comments around the forums and chat sites on the Internet produce some interesting patient responses. Most responses to the mask are extremely favorable, while a few are from those who seem to dislike the whole process of CPAP therapy no matter which mask is in use. To offer a clear path of understanding of this CPAP mask, here is our review of the Mirage FX...

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A Patient's Review of the Puritan Bennett Breeze

This week I had the chance to meet Javier Sotomayor on our Facebook page. Javier posted a comment about the Puritan Bennett Breeze nasal interface. I found out that he was a long time user of the Breeze and that even after trying multiple other masks, he still loved it. We have a previous post on our blog about the Breeze and the loyalists who still sing the praises of a classic mask, Javier is one of those people. I asked Javier to write us a blog post about his experiences with the Breeze and he was happy to do so. The following is his account...

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A Patient's Review of CPAP and the ResMed Quattro FX

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with a local CPAP user about the ResMed Quattro FX full face CPAP mask. The patient is a 45-year-old white male of normal weight and we will call him George. George had a sleep study in December 2010. He was surprised at the results. The doctors found he stopped breathing on multiple occasions throughout the night and determined that his quality of life was being affected by Obtructive Sleep Apnea. Just days later...

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