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New! ResMed Swift FX Bella Gray

ResMed Swift FX Bella GrayThe Swift FX is one of the most popular CPAP masks on the market today.  ResMed has already released different versions of the Swift FX including a "for Her" version with smaller headgear in a pink color.  Last year, ResMed introduced the Swift FX Bella Loops designed for women who desired to use a nasal pillows mask without the standard over-the-head headgear.   The Bella loops around the ears for stability and are a great choice for side sleepers or stomach sleepers.

Now, the Bella headgear is available in Gray and designed for men.  The Bella Gray complete system includes both standard headgear and the ear loops and all three sizes of nasal pillows.

Check out the ResMed Swift FX Bella Gray as a new choice in the nasal pillows options from ResMed.


Where Can I Buy ResMed CPAP Supplies?

ResMed is a leader in the CPAP therapy industry. ResMed's newest line of CPAP machines, the ResMed S9 Series, is considered the premium brand and model for your CPAP needs. Features of the S9 series include a quiet machine, ClimateLine tubing, advanced data recording and reporting, and a well designed chassis that promotes CPAP acceptance and compliance. The S9 is available in multiple models including the S9 Elite, S9 AutoSet, S9 VPAP, and more. Many of our patients enjoy the enjoy the easy to use on-screen LCD menus of the S9 Series. We have all of the necessary accessories and other ResMed CPAP supplies needed to keep your machine running at optimum performance including...

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ResMed Quattro FX for Her Now Available!

Ladies!  October is turning out to be a great month for you.  First, ResMed introduced the S9 AutoSet, now they are releasing a Quattro FX for Her.   It's just for her! New styling and color features promote CPAP acceptance and adherence.

The Quattro FX for Her represents a new design element for ResMed masks. With no forehead support to obstruct her views, ladies can read in bed or watch television to fall asleep. No forehead support doesn't mean no support, however. New technologies in the Spring Air™ cushion and Spring frame give the stability and adjustment provided by a conventional forehead support. The high-tech Spring Air cushion distributes pressure evenly and absorbs even the slightest user movements, so users can enjoy a good night’s sleep confident that her seal is secure.

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ResMed Introduces S9 AutoSet For Her

Women CPAP users are now able to have a APAP that they can call their own. ResMed has introduced the S9 AutoSet for Her. A stylish new look to the S9 Autoset accents educational materials for women. ResMed hopes the new style will help promote emotional acceptance of the CPAP machine as well as promote higher levels of compliance...

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ResMed Introduces Pixi Pediatric Mask

Older children suffer from OSA and SDB problems. OSA in children is a condition that affects up to 3% of nonobese, otherwise healthy children. The discovery of sleep apnea in children is becoming more prevalent too. Although adenotonsillectomy remains the first line of treatment, incorporation of nonsurgical approaches to pediatric OSA is beginning to be prescribed, including CPAP...

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Offering 30-Day Returns on Select CPAP Masks

It’s a new day for sleep apnea patients across the nation. has chosen 11 popular CPAP masks from its wide selection of inventory and changed its return policy to now offer 30-day returns with no hassles. In order to qualify, a CPAP patient need only call and talk with a staff member about the CPAP mask to ensure proper fit, proper education, and tips for continued compliance. The popular retailer is the first in the small niche industry to offer such a service for free with hopes of including more masks in the coming months. The retail website believes this new policy will encourage existing CPAP patients to try new technologies and new offerings from the major manufacturers like ResMed, Philips Respironics, DeVilbiss Healthcare, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

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A Patient's Review of the ResMed Mirage FX

ResMed describes their new Mirage FX as a “…transformation in nasal mask comfort.” Today, I take a detailed look and see whether that’s a bunch of hyperbole. The number of components that make up the Mirage FX is noteworthy, as there are only four: headgear, frame, mask, and hose joint. Each of these has thoughtful features that I’ll discuss in turn, then examine the mask as a whole and how it performs...

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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Sleep Apnea

Are you on board with the iPhone/iPad revolution? These little devices have literally changed the computing landscape just in the last 2-3 years. No other device, in history, has been adopted so quickly and with such large numbers. With thousands upon thousands of apps available at your fingertips, surely you have space to look at a few CPAP and Sleep Apnea related apps? These are some of the best I could find. If you know of others, I would love to hear about them. These are iPhone apps that are either sleep apnea news, diagnosis, or treatment based...

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A Review of the ResMed Mirage FX

Updated on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 5:26PM by Registered

ResMed's new one-size-fits-most Mirage FX CPAP mask is taking off in popularity. A quick scan of comments around the forums and chat sites on the Internet produce some interesting patient responses. Most responses to the mask are extremely favorable, while a few are from those who seem to dislike the whole process of CPAP therapy no matter which mask is in use. To offer a clear path of understanding of this CPAP mask, here is our review of the Mirage FX...

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ResMed Mirage FX and Mirage FX for Her, too!

The new Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask has been released by ResMed. Building on the existing technologies of the Mirage mask line, the new Mirage FX offers unique features and abilities. The ResMed Mirage FX is designed to be easy to fit and easy to use. There are only 4 pieces and 1 size! This is truly a bold move by ResMed to make CPAP therapy as easy as possible for...

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