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Easy CPAP Answers to Common CPAP Questions

Anna Rodriguez, RPSGT and Clinical Director of, recently sat down to write out her responses to common CPAP questions that are asked by both new and old patients.

Do you suffer from headaches? Dry nose? Do you pull your CPAP mask off at night? Do you wonder why your headgear is so tight?

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LIVE Twitter Q&A - Jan 14, 2011

Getting answers about your CPAP Therapy has never been so easy. plans to hold a live Twitter Q&A event on January 14th to answer questions about CPAP therapy products. Getting answers about CPAP products can sometimes prove difficult on the Internet. Most Internet retailers of CPAP machines, CPAP masks, and other sleep apnea related supplies offer educational materials on websites to assist patients with their CPAP Therapy and with product selection. However, sometimes even that abundance of information can be too much to digest.

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