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Our First Podcast Is Online

In our continuing effort to spread the word about sleep therapy and CPAP, we offer to you our first podcast. We hope that our TheCPAPPeople Podcast will be beneficial not only for news about our own website, but also industry topics and discussion. In the future, we will have interviews with medical professionals, new product reviews, and more. The first episode is available now. In this episode, Tim and Jeff discuss the Respironics TrueBlue and a really exciting policy change for returns that is coming this week.

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March 7-13th is National Sleep Awareness Week

Here at, we try to encourage education and sleep awareness every day. We are extremely supportive of the work that the NSF does and hope to be a bigger part of the effort in the future. We utilize Facebook and Twitter to inform our patients of news stories and product information that are relevant to their daily lives. This blog is also a great resource for patient reviews of products, as well as news and event information...

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Is Twitter Hurting Health Information?

This week, Theresa Flaherty of wrote an article featuring that speaks to Twitter and our involvement with the CPAP community. Last week, we held a live Twitter Q&A to support product knowledge and therapy options...

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