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Quick Update: TrueBlue is now available!

Tired of waiting for the release for the TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask?  Your wait is over.  Effective today, the mask is no longer on a pre-order status and we have them in stock and ready to ship.  Take advantage of this new CPAP mask and new technology today!

More information can be found our website, click for the Respironics TrueBlue.

We also posted a previous blog article about the new technology in the Respironics TrueBlue CPAP Mask.


Respironics TrueBlue Now Available for Pre-Order!

Updated on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 5:29PM by Registered

Updated on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 3:25PM by Registered

The Respironics TrueBlue Gel Nasal Mask combines various Respironics technologies into one easy to use CPAP mask. Respironics has labeled the TrueBlue as the new gold standard for a good night's sleep. Auto Seal technology in the mask keeps air leaks to a minimum while providing freedom of movement. Gel forehead support and gel cushion provide extreme softness and comfort...

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A Patient's Review of the ResMed Mirage FX

ResMed describes their new Mirage FX as a “…transformation in nasal mask comfort.” Today, I take a detailed look and see whether that’s a bunch of hyperbole. The number of components that make up the Mirage FX is noteworthy, as there are only four: headgear, frame, mask, and hose joint. Each of these has thoughtful features that I’ll discuss in turn, then examine the mask as a whole and how it performs...

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New Auto CPAP (APAP) Machine from Fisher & Paykel

The F&P ICON™ Auto CPAP includes full compliance and efficacy reporting. Fisher and Paykel has taken several features from their SleepStyle line of CPAP machines and combined those and more to enhance patient comfort and provide a personalized therapy system. The ICON Auto incorporates ThermoSmart technology and advanced reporting into a streamlined body. The built-in heated humidifier and optional heated hose delivers condensation-free humidification at the touch of a button. The ICON Auto CPAP machine is ideal for home or travel and comes with an alarm clock and music playing ability...

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