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Thousands Visit with Dr. Oz in Richmond! TheCPAPPeople were there!

Saturday, February 5th marked the first time that joined the Healthy LifeStyle Expo held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va. We were very proud to be a part of the Expo and to be included with such companies and institutions as Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU Medical Center, The VCU Center for Sleep Medicine, The Zacharias Ganey Heath Institute, The Dr. Oz Show, The American Diabetes Association, the Patient Advocate Foundation, Watermark Medical, ResMed, and others..

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5 Ways to Live with Your CPAP Machine

WebMD recently posted an article on CPAP compliance and ways to tolerate your CPAP therapy. We at TheCPAPPeople recognize the importance of compliance and the health benefits associated with continued therapy...

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Dr. Oz - Healthy Lifestyle Expo - Feb 5th

Join on February 5th in Richmond, VA for the Healthy Lifestyle Expo at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The VCU Medical Center and WTVR-CBS 6 present the 2011 Healthy Lifestyle Expo on Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Come meet Dr. Oz! is proud to be a part of the expo this year. Look for our display and booth on the convention floor. Learn about CPAP Therapy, CPAP machines and CPAP masks, and get the latest information on technologies!

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FitBit May Perform Just Like A Home Sleep Test

Updated on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 11:24AM by Registered

Have you heard of FitBit? If not, let me take a moment to explain. The FitBit is a small device that you can wear on your person to track health activities during your day. You can upload the data to the FitBit website to track patterns and history. It tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and (get this) sleep quality...

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What is OSA?

OSA afflicts 20 million adult men and women in the United States. People who have OSA stop breathing repeatedly during sleep because the airway collapses. Airway collapse may be due to such factors as a large tongue, extra tissue in the airway, or decreased muscle tone holding the airway open. As a result, air is prevented from getting into the lungs. These pauses in breathing can happen 30 times or more per hour...

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