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Philips Respironics to Discontinue Some CPAP Masks

Respironics is discontinuing production of some of its older models of CPAP masks.  Production of the following CPAP masks will end as of December 31, 2012.

All of the masks will be discontinued. These CPAP masks will continue to be available as supplies last.  Parts and pieces of the CPAP masks will also no longer be made and will continue to be available only as supplies last.

Looking for an alternative to the CPAP masks?  Philips Respironics has the answer.  Patients who use these masks should have a more satisfactory experience with either the GoLife or EasyLife CPAP Masks. Use the following conversion chart to begin using newer CPAP masks from Respironics including the EasyLife and GoLife series of masks.





Respironics Releases GoLife for Women

Another long wait is finally over. It seems there have been a few this year with CPAP products. Respironics has released the new nasal interface mask called GoLife for Women. Earlier this year, the GoLife for Men caused quite a stir when it was released. The GoLife for Women promises to continue the hype and be a new staple for Women in the sleep therapy arena...

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Respironics Introduces the GoLife for Men

Last week marked the introduction of a new nasal interface mask from Respironics. The GoLife for Men is designed specifically to fit the contours of a man's face while providing stability and ease of use. The nasal interface CPAP mask is designed to grip the face for comfort and stability and does not rely solely on the headgear. The cushions are self-adjusting for optimal comfort and optimal air flow...

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