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Do I Need A Prescription for CPAP?

Yes, it's true. A prescription is required for CPAP Machines, CPAP Masks, and even CPAP humidifiers. Even cash customers who order supplies using Internet retailers are required to have a prescription or physician order. Internet retailers are required by the FDA and local State Board of Pharmacy to have a copy of your prescription before dispensing equipment...

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Take Kiwi Engineering to Bed with F&P

A lot of CPAP patients know all about Respironics and ResMed when it comes to CPAP device manufacturers, but there is at least one more major manufacturer out there - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (pronounced pie-kull). Fisher & Paykel entered the respiratory care market in 1971 with the development of a unique respiratory humidifier system for use in critical care. F&P now offers a broad range of products and systems for use in respiratory and acute care and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)...

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Smartstick Studio for F&P ICON AlarmTunes

After a long wait by early adopters of the F&P ICON Series, the coveted SmartStick Studio Software for AlarmTunes is now available. In late 2010, when the F&P ICON Series was introduced in the United States, the AlarmTunes function was an interesting selling point. AlarmTunes allows patients to use their own music with the internal clock and alarm of the CPAP machine...

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Spring Forward. Check Your CPAP Health.

Updated on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:59AM by Registered

As you prepare to set your clocks forward one hour this coming Sunday March 13th, we want to remind you that now is the perfect time to check your CPAP arsenal for supplies, damage, splitting, and general cleanliness...

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New Auto CPAP (APAP) Machine from Fisher & Paykel

The F&P ICON™ Auto CPAP includes full compliance and efficacy reporting. Fisher and Paykel has taken several features from their SleepStyle line of CPAP machines and combined those and more to enhance patient comfort and provide a personalized therapy system. The ICON Auto incorporates ThermoSmart technology and advanced reporting into a streamlined body. The built-in heated humidifier and optional heated hose delivers condensation-free humidification at the touch of a button. The ICON Auto CPAP machine is ideal for home or travel and comes with an alarm clock and music playing ability...

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