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ResMed Introduces Pixi Pediatric Mask

Older children suffer from OSA and SDB problems. OSA in children is a condition that affects up to 3% of nonobese, otherwise healthy children. The discovery of sleep apnea in children is becoming more prevalent too. Although adenotonsillectomy remains the first line of treatment, incorporation of nonsurgical approaches to pediatric OSA is beginning to be prescribed, including CPAP...

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Why Buy From An Internet Retailer?

After talking with three different patients on the phone this morning, I decided I needed to write a blog article to explain some things – specifically how our business model works, how you as the patient are involved, and why we exist as a company. We try to explain through our websites and our associated marketing that you have choices in your CPAP therapy. Well, what does this really mean?

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Welcoming Smart Sleep Solutions

The Richmond, VA area has a new insurance biller and provider for CPAP and sleep therapy. Smart Sleep Solutions is a new sleep-centric DME company owned and operated by Debbie Shirley, RRT. Debbie has over 30 years of experience in the sleep therapy world and has made her mark in the Richmond area with other medical professionals and companies. Known for her quick wit, attention to patient details, and a push towards compliance and wellness, Debbie is sure to take this market by storm. Debbie has earned...

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Understanding CPAP Warranties

When purchasing CPAP equipment, the customer takes many factors into consideration. One of these is the warranty on the equipment that you will acquire. All manufacturers have limited warranties on CPAP equipment and the customer is made aware of these at the time of purchase. Let's explore...

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Offering 30-Day Returns on Select CPAP Masks

It’s a new day for sleep apnea patients across the nation. has chosen 11 popular CPAP masks from its wide selection of inventory and changed its return policy to now offer 30-day returns with no hassles. In order to qualify, a CPAP patient need only call and talk with a staff member about the CPAP mask to ensure proper fit, proper education, and tips for continued compliance. The popular retailer is the first in the small niche industry to offer such a service for free with hopes of including more masks in the coming months. The retail website believes this new policy will encourage existing CPAP patients to try new technologies and new offerings from the major manufacturers like ResMed, Philips Respironics, DeVilbiss Healthcare, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

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Our First Podcast Is Online

In our continuing effort to spread the word about sleep therapy and CPAP, we offer to you our first podcast. We hope that our TheCPAPPeople Podcast will be beneficial not only for news about our own website, but also industry topics and discussion. In the future, we will have interviews with medical professionals, new product reviews, and more. The first episode is available now. In this episode, Tim and Jeff discuss the Respironics TrueBlue and a really exciting policy change for returns that is coming this week.

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Quick Update: TrueBlue is now available!

Tired of waiting for the release for the TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask?  Your wait is over.  Effective today, the mask is no longer on a pre-order status and we have them in stock and ready to ship.  Take advantage of this new CPAP mask and new technology today!

More information can be found our website, click for the Respironics TrueBlue.

We also posted a previous blog article about the new technology in the Respironics TrueBlue CPAP Mask.


Respironics TrueBlue Now Available for Pre-Order!

Updated on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 5:29PM by Registered

Updated on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 3:25PM by Registered

The Respironics TrueBlue Gel Nasal Mask combines various Respironics technologies into one easy to use CPAP mask. Respironics has labeled the TrueBlue as the new gold standard for a good night's sleep. Auto Seal technology in the mask keeps air leaks to a minimum while providing freedom of movement. Gel forehead support and gel cushion provide extreme softness and comfort...

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Respironics TrueBlue Gel Mask Coming In July

Updated on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 3:26PM by Registered

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. News from the nasal CPAP mask front. Philips Respironics is set to release the TrueBlue Gel Nasal Mask. Debuting at Sleep 2011 last week, the new mask in the Respironics CPAP mask lineup includes Auto Seal Technology and is thinner and lighter than previous masks. From the picture, it looks to use the same clips and headgear fitting as the EasyLife. The mask promises to offer more comfort and easier fitting options for patients...

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Take Kiwi Engineering to Bed with F&P

A lot of CPAP patients know all about Respironics and ResMed when it comes to CPAP device manufacturers, but there is at least one more major manufacturer out there - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (pronounced pie-kull). Fisher & Paykel entered the respiratory care market in 1971 with the development of a unique respiratory humidifier system for use in critical care. F&P now offers a broad range of products and systems for use in respiratory and acute care and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)...

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