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Introducing ResMed Swift FX Bella

Swift FX BellaResmed has introduced yet another product directed at women who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  Building on previous success of the Swift FX For Her nasal pillows mask, the Swift FX Bella incoporates an alternative headgear style called Bella Loops.  This CPAP headgear offers women the opportunity to loop the headgear over the ears.  This is a strong break from previous headgear implementations that require the use of straps that wrap around the back of the neck and around the head.  Women have been historically concerned with hair management during the night, tangling of headgear, and slipping of headgear.  These new Bella Loops offer an alternative that some women will find to be a perfect fit!

The ResMed Swift FX is a superior minimal contact "pillow" mask. The Swift FX is availble in 3 different styles: Swift FX (suitable for all patients), Swift FX for Her (designed with Her in mind), and Swift FX Bella (a different headgear style for Her).

The Swift FX Bella (61560) from Resmed includes the following in the package: Extra Small (61520), Small (61521) and Medium (61522) pillows, Bella loops accessory, Swift FX for Her standard headgear with pink backstrap and pink soft wraps.

The Bella loops accessory is also sold seperately and can be used on previously purchased Swift FX for Her CPAP masks.

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