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We're in Boomer Magazine! and our Clinical Director, Anna Rodriguez, were recently mentioned in an article about Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the February-March 2012 issue of Richmond VA's Boomer Magazine.  We are very proud to be mentioned alongside our friends including Dr Erika Mason, a Richmond dentist, and Dr Douglas Puryear, a Richmond pulmonologist.

Article Snippet:

Registered sleep technologist Anna Rodriguez, RPSGT, clinical director at The CPAP People in Richmond makes sure patients' masks are fitted properly in type and size.  And if the mask triggers a claustrophobic response, she even has desensitization techniques to help the user adjust. "If the mask is uncomfortable, they (patients) may not want to use it," she explains.  "Then they're back to square one with obstructive sleep apnea not being treated."

Fun fact: Dr Mason is featured in a blog article from last year on the benefits of mandibular advancement devices versus CPAP.

Boomer Magazine is a local publication focusing on the Richmond VA baby boomer population.  Utilizing Richmond's favorite writers, there are often interviews with local celebrities and businesses, and information about local events.  Boomer Magazine also focuses on health issues and healthy living issues.

The article is located on Page 76 of the latest issue and discusses various causes and treatments of OSA.

Fun fact: Boomer Magazine and each had booths at the Healthy LifeStyle Expo held in Richmond on February 4th.  The Healthy LifeStyle Expo is an annual event sponsored primarily by nationally-recognized VCU Medical Center and WTVR-6, a local CBS affiliate.

Boomer Magazine is available all over town and is free.  Check your local grocery store or book store and pick up a copy today.  You also join Boomer on Facebook.


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