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Extended 5-Year Warranty Now Available on IntelliPAP teams with DeVilbiss Healthcare to offer an Extended 5-Year Warranty on IntelliPAP Series CPAP/BiPAP machines.

Starting today, any DeVilbiss IntelliPAP purchased from will include an extended 5-year warranty!  The warranty is absolutely free and handles all warranty claims.

DeVilbiss already held the record for the longest warranty in the Sleep Therapy arena.  Now the company springs even farther into the lead with an extended 5-Year warranty. 

Among the quietest CPAP/BiPAP units on the market, the IntelliPAP series includes the SmartCode® Remote Adherence Monitoring System without additional costs or fees.  With a simple phone call to the patient, providers or clinicians can obtain important therapy efficacy data include Leak % and AHI as well as usage data through a simple 12-digit encrypted code provided by the IntelliPAP.  The data is also available to the patient for review.  It's the easiest data recording method on the market.

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a global manufacturer and distributor of respiratory therapy products and has established a reputation for excellence, both for the products themselves and also the high quality after sales service.

Working closely with commercial partners, clinical customers and private patients, DeVilbiss Healthcare continues to develop highly reliable quality products and services in the oxygen and aerosol therapy markets, as well as designing and manufacturing innovative products for the sleep therapy market.

Check out the IntelliPAP Series available at


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