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ResMed Introduces Pixi Pediatric Mask

CPAP is often used in neonatal environments to assist the lung function of premature babies.  CPAP is not a ventilator, but an assistive device that adds to the natural function of the lungs. 

Older children suffer from OSA and SDB problems.  OSA in children is a condition that affects up to 3% of nonobese, otherwise healthy children.  The discovery of sleep apnea in children is becoming more prevalent too.  Although adenotonsillectomy remains the first line of treatment, incorporation of nonsurgical approaches to pediatric OSA is beginning to be prescribed, including CPAP.   The associated problems of OSA that are prevalenet in adults are heavily compounded during developing years in children including memory problems, organ development, and complete respiratory function.  Also, just like BiPAP therapy for some COPD or ALS adult patients, a CPAP may need to be worn during the waking hours to assist with normal lung function.

The newest CPAP mask in the line of quality items from ResMed is the Pixi Pediatric Mask.  Suitable for ages 2-7, the Pixi is already creating waves in the pediatric world.  When a parent is searching for pediatric masks, there are not many to choose from.  To date there are only four serious contenders.  Children's masks also do not come in the multiple flavors that adult masks offer like full face, nasal pillows, etc.  The Pixi is different than other masks on the market.  Instead of a scaled down version of an adult mask, the Pixi is uniquely designed with children in mind from the start.

The Pixi includes the following features:

  • The headgear sits away from the eyes and the ears to reduce irritation, obstruction, and distraction.
  • Specifically designed to be fitted from an parent's point of view.
  • Quick release latches allow for easy removal of the mask in case of emergency.
  • Soft silicone cushion for maximum comfort and easy seal.

The Pixi includes a parent's guide to fitting and suggestions as to how to acclimate your child to the mask over time.  The Pixi character mascot is a fun way to introduce your child to their new sleep habit.  The mask also includes an activity book for the child.

The following video explains in more detail the features of the ResMed Pixi Pediatric CPAP Mask and includes some of the parent's tips for acclimation.


Check out the ResMed Pixi on our website.



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