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Welcoming Smart Sleep Solutions

The Richmond, VA area has a new insurance biller and provider for CPAP and sleep therapy.   Smart Sleep Solutions is a new sleep-centric DME company owned and operated by Debbie Shirley, RRT.  Debbie has over 30 years of experience in the sleep therapy world and has made her mark in the Richmond area with other medical professionals and companies.  Known for her quick wit, attention to patient details, and a push towards compliance and wellness, Debbie is sure to take this market by storm.  Debbie has earned the trust and admiration of many professionals in the Richmond market and we hope to see her continue in her new company.

Smart Sleep Solutions will provide a full range of sleep therapy products from all the major manufacturers.  The company will also work closely with other major companies in the Richmond area for employee wellness and sleep support.

Smart Sleep Solutions will officially open for business in September 2011.  We at are very excited to welcome Debbie and will be working closely with her.  Smart Sleep Solutions is located next door to and the companies will have a very close partnership.  The companies are poised to help patients across the nation through technology sharing, innovative educational materials, and Internet –based access of the best that the sleep therapy world has to offer.  Both companies embody trust, honesty, and a real understanding of patient needs and concerns.   A shared passion for patient wellness and outcomes-based therapy is a driving force for both companies.

In September, patients will see and hear more about the programs and offerings that a combined strategy can offer.

Contact info:

Debbie Shirley, RRT


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