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A Review of the ResMed Mirage FX

ResMed's new one-size-fits-most Mirage FX CPAP mask is taking off in popularity.  A quick scan of comments around the forums and chat sites on the Internet produce some interesting patient responses.  Most responses to the mask are extremely favorable, while a few are from those who seem to dislike the whole process of CPAP therapy no matter which mask is in use.  To offer a clear path of understanding of this CPAP mask, here is our review of the Mirage FX.

Yes, one-size-fits-most, unless you have a wide nose.  There is a wide size for the cushion which requires a different frame too.  When we measured the wide cushion, it seemed that anyone with a nasal diameter over 2.25" would be more comfortable with the wide size.  This little tidbit of ours was quickly copied by competitor sites too, so I guess it is now official.  ResMed doesn't really have a guideline for the wide size, its based on the patient's comfort level only.  We came up with a measurement to give some guide to those who are purchasing over the Internet and can not feel or play with the mask.  Trust me though, if you have a wider nose you will want the wider size.  The women's version of the mask does not have a different cushion size.  The standard size is the same, it is only the headgear that changes for the women. All of us here (men and women) tried this mask on during our initial introduction from ResMed.  It fit all of us without leakage on the standard size.

As I mentioned above, all of us here tried on this mask.  We were shocked at how lightweight it is and felt on the face.  For those who have been using a nasal mask for a long time, the tendency will be to pull the headgear really tight on the forehead.  Don't do it on this mask, let the butterfly do its magic.   The spring action of the forehead support really makes a big difference in how the support of the whole mask operates.  We experienced little to no discomfort on the sensitive nasal bridge.  For me personally, breathing through a mask creates a lot of heat that I find uncomfortable.  This is a huge problem with full face masks.  It seemed to me after wearing this for a while that the diffuser was able to get that hot air out faster and more efficiently than most other masks.  My nose and upper lip did not get hot and uncomfortable.

Mirage FX CushionThe real winner in comfort is the lightweight design, but this mask also earns high marks for creating a seal.  We didn't even have to try to get a seal, it just happened.  Remember too that most of us here do not use CPAP on a regular basis, we have people here who are completely new to trying on and fitting a mask.  Those people were able to put the mask on and get a seal with no effort whatsoever.  The dual-wall cushion did the work and we had no problems.


The price of the mask is $127.  It should be this price on any website you visit.  ResMed requires this price to be advertised.  That being said, the Mirage FX is a little more expensive than some other nasal CPAP masks on the market.  Our opinion?  It's worth it.  How many masks do you have in a box somewhere because you tried them and didn't like them?  They didn't fit.  They leaked.  They were cumbersome or heavy.  This mask has none of those issues and although its a bit more expensive, the ResMed Mirage FX will provide the comfort you desire and ease of use that is needed for good compliance to therapy.

Cushion, Frame, ElbowCleaning and Disassembly
There are only four parts to the Mirage FX: the mask frame, the cushion including diffuser, the elbow, and the headgear (strap).  Disassembly and reassembly is very easy even for shaky, weak, or arthritic hands.  The elbow snaps into place with a noticeable click, and the cushion can only be settled into the frame in one direction.  The headgear is easily removed.   Cleaning with a diluted soapy solution is very easy.  Unlike other masks where cushions have to be lined up just perfectly, or elbows have to be taken off with great force, the Mirage FX is effortless.

Learn More
This review of the Mirage FX would not be complete without telling you where more information can be found.  You can learn more about the ResMed Mirage FX and the Mirage FX For Her from our website.  Be sure to check out our YouTube videos explaining the various features of the Mirage FX too.  We have a lot of information available to help you make your buying decisions.  If you need more advice or want to talk to an expert, give a call at 1-888-494-4647.

This video is one of many, but it provides an overview of everything the Mirage FX has to offer:


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