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A Patient's Review of the Puritan Bennett Breeze

PB Breeze SleepGearThis week I had the chance to meet Javier Sotomayor from Florida on our Facebook page.   Javier posted a comment about the Puritan Bennett Breeze nasal interface.  I found out that he was a long time user of the Breeze and that even after trying multiple other masks, he still loved it.   We have a previous post on our blog called "Why is the Puritan Bennett Breeze So Popular?" about the mask and the loyalists who still sing the praises of a classic mask, Javier is one of those people. 

I asked Javier to write us a blog post about his experiences with the Breeze and he was happy to do so. 

The following is his account:

I wanted to share my experience with the Puritan Bennet Breeze nasal pillows mask because I am, indeed, one of those entrenched users who’ve tried a lot of other masks to always come back to the original classic Breeze.  I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 1999, and for the first 5-6 years I was an on & off CPAP & BiPAP user with really poor results, mostly due to non-compliance because of mask problems.  I really hated with a passion any mask that would have straps around my face, that would need to be fastened to the point that it’d hurt, or any mask that would not let me sleep, at least on my side, comfortably.  I think I got my first Breeze around 2003-2004 and it made me be more and more compliant as time went by, because it was a totally different mask.  Then I decided in 2005 to have the sleep-apnea surgery and I did. They took out tonsils, adenoids, and uvula, plus they fixed a septum deviation.  My condition “disappeared” for a few months, but it was mostly due to the weight loss I experience for not being able to eat much after the surgery. 

Javier during a sleep test.But come 2006, pounds came back and I had to start using the CPAP again.  This time, I only used the Breeze mask.  Nasal pillows are very comfortable, once you adjust the mask to your head & face, and are the ONLY things touching your face.  The arched bridge guides the airtube to the top back of your head, and from there, you connect the general air tube connecting to your CPAP.  The mask lets you move freely and sleep in almost any position and stays in place even when you move and adjust your pillow.  It’s also very quiet.  The only flaw I may find on it is the air vent, because it has no air dissipator so it shoots air in jet style, so if you have a spouse, you need to coordinate so they don’t get the air stream on their face. Not a biggie at home, as my wife sleeps almost with her face under the blanket. 

All in all, and after trying a few of the Respironics gel nasal masks, the ComfortLite (similar but not as comfortable for me), the RespCare Hybrid Oral/Nasal (for people like me with mouth leaks), the ResMed Swift (could not tolerate the straps and tubing to the front of the face), the ResMed [Quattro] full face mask (can’t remember the model – but again, not comfortable for me), and others I can’t recall.  I’ve got a bag full of them at home – at least 10 different ones – but I’ll keep my BREEZE ! :)

Thank you to Javier for letting everyone know how great the Breeze is.  We appreciate your loyalty to the product, and your patronage with us.  

Click to find out more about the Puritan Bennett Breeze SleepGear.


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