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ResMed Mirage FX and Mirage FX for Her, too!

One effortless fit. One simple solution.  One mask for all.

The new Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask has been released by ResMed.  Building on the existing technologies of the Mirage mask line, the new Mirage FX offers unique features and abilities.

The ResMed Mirage FX is designed to be easy to fit and easy to use.  There are only 4 pieces and 1 size!  This is truly a bold move by ResMed to make CPAP therapy as easy as possible for the patient. 

The ResMed Mirage FX For Her includes a snazzy pink headgear that is smaller than the normal headgear, and a pink carrying case.  This is the only difference. The cushion size and frame are the same size as the regular Mirage FX.

Our thoughts after using the Mirage FX:

This is truly a unique mask.  Very lightweight and easy to assemble.  The mask fit five different people in our office and the ladies will truly need the more petite headgear.  The quality of the mask is fantastic and it feels really good in your hand and on your face.  The pieces separate very easily and are very easy to clean. We felt no forehead pressure with the new butterfly support system.  When breathing through the mask, the diffusion of exhaled air was hardly noticeable.  No whistling and no amplification of sound. This mask is poised to be a top seller.

Click to ZoomFeatures of the ResMed Mirage FX:

  • One step sizing process.  There is only one size!
  • Intuitive to adjust and fit properly.
  • Same Dual-wall, Spring Air cushion technology found in the Quattro FX.
  • Simple to clean - only four parts, including headgear.
  • Lightweight - one of the lightest on the market.
  • Form-fitting headgear.  Heavy duty and durable.
  • SoftEdge headgear design.  Reduces marks on the face and neck.
  • Easy release elbow makes it easy to get up at night without having to remove the whole mask
  • Winged or butterfly forehead support reduces pressure points.
  • Headgear loops allow setting and forgetting.
  • Improved vent design that disperses air evenly and quietly.


The Mirage FX is available in our store right now!  Go check it out.

Watch this video to see the features of the Mirage FX.

We Carry the complete parts and accessories for the ResMed Mirage FX:

62103 - ResMed Mirage FX CPAP Mask
62128 - ResMed Mirage FX For Her CPAP Mask
62129 - ResMed Mirage FX For Her Replacement Headgear
62110 - ResMed Mirage FX Replacement Headgear
62111 - ResMed Mirage FX Replacement Cushion
62114 - ResMed Mirage FX Replacement Elbow






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