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ResMed S9 VPAP Auto Now Available

ResMed S9 VPAP AutoThe long wait is over, folks!  The S9 Series from ResMed now includes the bilevel offerings.   This post will focus on the VPAP Auto only.

The S9 VPAP Auto is a fully‐integrated auto‐adjusting bilevel device designed to address noncompliant OSA patient needs. Based on the award‐winning S9™ platform, the VPAP Auto includes optional wireless monitoring, central sleep apnea (CSA) detection and optional integrated oximetry. It also features a Sleep Quality Indicator, which allows patients to view their therapy progress on a daily basis. Together with ResMed’s Enhanced Easy‐Breathe technology and Climate Control humidification system, the VPAP Auto delivers quiet comfort to a wide range of patients, from noncompliant CPAP users to those requiring additional ventilatory support.

Here is brief snippet of the ResMed press release.

"We are proud to announce the launch of the bilevel range of products on the S9™ platform, our latest and most innovative flow generator system for treating respiratory disorders including sleep-disordered breathing. Now, for the first time in our history, health care providers have one platform that can treat obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and Cheyne–Stokes respiration, as well as provide noninvasive ventilation for patients requiring ventilatory support," said Michael Farrell, Sr. Vice President of the Global Sleep Business Unit at ResMed. "Our goal is to increase patients' quality of life by providing comfortable, quiet, easy-to-use and highly effective treatment. A critical element of successful treatment is long-term adherence to therapy.  Since its launch just over a year ago, the S9 Series has been able to help physicians and respiratory therapists achieve that goal—driving therapeutic compliance by patients around the globe."

The ResMed S9 VPAP Auto is currently available on our website at

Check out this introductory video to the S9 Series:



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