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A Patient's Review of the Respironics ComfortGel Blue

Back in January, a customer named Bill called our website to ask about parts for the Respironics ComfortGel.  At that time, I informed him that Respironics had upgraded the classic ComfortGel with a newer design and improvements and it was now called the ComfortGel Blue.  He was skeptical and asked if we still had the "old" ComfortGel.  After some discussion, I was able to convince him to try the new parts and indeed he actually purchased a whole new mask.  Bill said to me, "I am going to try this, but if I don't like it you are going to hear from me."

I realized a few days ago that I hadn't heard from him, so I sent him an email, "Bill, I was just checking on your purchase from January.  Were you able to adjust to the new ComfortGel Blue?  Any problems?  Anything you can tell me about the mask that others might want to hear?" 

Bill answered back with more than I could have hoped for.

"I am so glad you contacted me.  I hadn't had the chance to report back like I said I would.  This comfort gel is like night and day from the older one I had before.  The gel seems to be squishier than before and it makes it more comfortable.  I have had rashes and problems with my nose and this gel is soft and hasn't really bothered me that much.  The flap seems different too, but I don't know.  The best thing is the strap clips.  They are so much bigger and easier to use.  The old mask used to break all the time right there at that strap clip, but this new one hasn't done it yet.  I really like this one you told me to get and I will continue to use your company for parts and things as I need them.  I don't have insurance and I'm an truck driver.  I contract with [a transport company] and they want me to use this thing and so does my doctor.  It's easier now that I have better mask."

To Bill we say thank you.  We try very hard to make a difference here at  Even this one little difference has brightened our day.  Let's see if we can change someone else's life today.

Learn more about the Respironics ComfortGel Blue CPAP Mask and don't forget to ask us about your sales price!




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Reader Comments (1)

I am an RT working with Hospice patients and one of them is having big problems with smells coming out of bipap tubing. I have narrowed it down to the smell of plastic that comes from new tubing just at the beginning of use. My question is does anyone know of a way to get the smell to go away? I have tried cleaning and letting machine run for a couple hours blowing air through tubing. This not a common problem but this patient needs bipap but is unable to use it due to smell.
Thanks for any help.

April 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn
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