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Where Can I Buy ResMed Supplies Online? is an authorized ResMed supplies retailer.  We have a wide selection of ResMed CPAP Machines, ResMed CPAP Masks, and other ResMed supplies

In order to be an authorized retailer, a website must follow the rules and regulations put forth by ResMed for advertising and pricing.  The pricing structure, in particular, is very strict.  Prices for ResMed machines and ResMed masks that are advertised on a website for lower than our advertised prices will be the first clue that the site is not an authorized dealer. 

What does this mean to you?  Support.  Support both before and after a purchase.  ResMed machines and humidifiers carry a 2-year warranty.  Retailers handle the warranty claims.  When purchasing on the Internet, you need to know that the company from which you are purchasing will be there if you need it.  ResMed also has rules for customer service levels including maintaining a customer service staffed phone number with regular business hours. 

ResMed requires retailers to track device serial numbers and purchase information.  In the event of a product recall or other need to inform current patients of information, the retailers will be on the front line using their systems and records to contact you directly.  Although this type of information is rare, unauthorized retailers are not held to this standard and you may go without this important information.

When you are looking for an Internet retailer for your ResMed supplies, be sure to look for these signs and always buy from a reputable retailer.  At, we follow the rules and we are here to help you with your therapy needs.  We are more than just a retailer that sells products.  We provide educational materials, product resources, blogs and videos.  We also have an expert product support staff available on the phone, email, and live chat.  We offer these services to anyone, whether you choose to purchase from us or not.  Now when was the last time your current provider could say that?



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