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Why is the Puritan Bennett Breeze So Popular?

It seems odd to push the marketing of a decade old CPAP mask, with the current iteration being released in 2004, but the Puritan Bennett Breeze SleepGear mask has a loyal following that refuses to upgrade or change... and we don't blame them.

First, a little history of Puritan Bennett, Tyco Healthcare, and Covidien.

In 2007, Tyco Electronics spun off its healthcare division as Tyco Healthcare, later renamed Covidien.  The Tyco properties included Nellcor Puritan Bennett.  Covidien continued to issue products in the sleep arena using the Puritan Bennett name.  Popular devices included the GoodKnight 420 Series of CPAP machines and BiPAP machines, the Breeze nasal pillows mask, the Adam Circuit mask, and the Sandman Series of CPAP machines.  In 2010, Covidien completed the sale of its sleep therapy CPAP and bi-level products to privately held PH Invest of Luxembourg, including a manufacturing plant in France.  This resulted in the loss of a major manufacturer of affordable CPAP machines to the home use industry.  Covidien kept the Puritan Bennett name and the line of masks under its umbrella. There was some confusion with the patient population over the availability of the Puritan Bennett products after this sell-off.

But what about the Breeze?

The Breeze, Dreamseal, DreamFit, and Adam Circuit are still available from Covidien.  In fact, these masks are still being manufactured and its not just old inventory that is available.  So why is the Breeze so popular?  It's easy.  No part of the nasal pillows mask actually touches the face.  There are no straps that cross the cheeks.  There are no painful red marks around the nose.  There is no pressure placed on the bridge of the nose.  Side sleepers and stomach sleeperss swear by the Breeze.  The pillow cushions are flexible and comfortable.  There are other over-the-head mask solutions, but none that match the comfort and ease of use of the Breeze. 

What we sell.

We sell what we believe to be the most popular setup of the Breeze.  We sell the Breeze assembly and three sizes of pillows, not dilators.  The Breeze has seven different sizes of pillows, seven different sizes of dilator pillows, a Dreamseal attachment that turns the Breeze into a nasal mask, and also a DreamFit attachment which is similar to the Dreamseal but includes an additional headgear strap.  Years of experience and customer interaction have taught us that the options we sell (the three sizes of pillows only) are the most popular with loyal fans of the Breeze.  However, we can special order any other parts of the Breeze that are requested by our patients.

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