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Respironics Introduces the GoLife for Men

Last week marked the introduction of a new nasal interface mask from Respironics.  The GoLife for Men is designed specifically to fit the contours of a man's face while providing stability and ease of use. 

The nasal interface CPAP mask is designed to grip the face for comfort and stability and does not rely solely on the headgear. The cushions are self-adjusting for optimal comfort and optimal air flow.

The Respironics GoLife for Men is designed to include as few parts as possible to make your replacement schedule easy to follow and understand. With just the mask, headgear, small tube, and cushions you will only have four major elements to keep track of.

This mask is easy to fit, easy to use, its easy to replace parts, and the cpap mask is small and lightweight. It's everything a man needs to stay compliant with CPAP therapy.

The GoLife for Men FitPack includes all of the following sizes of cushions: Petite - 1073332, Small - 1073333, Medium - 1073334, Large - 1073335

Check out the GoLife for Men at


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