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Just Added - ResMed Quattro FX

The Quattro FX represents a new design element for ResMed masks. With no forehead support to obstruct views, patients can read in bed or watch television to fall asleep. No forehead support doesn't mean no support, however. New technologies in the Spring Air™ cushion and Spring frame give the stability and adjustment provided by a conventional forehead support. The high-tech Spring Air cushion distributes pressure evenly and absorbs even the slightest user movements, so users can enjoy a good night’s sleep confident that their seal is safe.


  • Lightweight, unobtrusive design reduces patient anxiety
  • Soft, stable cushion and quiet performance enhance comfort
  • Compact size has fewer parts for greater simplicity
  • Clear line of sight
  • Built-in vent
  • 360 degree elbow rotation
  • Tension reducing headgear design
  • Contoured cushion membrane prevents red marks on bridge of nose
  • Set and forget headgear clips

Order the new ResMed Quattro FX Full Face Mask at!

Click the VIDEOS tab on the product page to see the ResMed Quattro FX in action!


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Reader Comments (3)

The features of this mask is better than other mask.

January 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavid White

just been trying the quattro fx this week after using a soft gel nose mask for the last year since i tend to breath from the mouth with the nose mask , even with the chin strap.......first night wasn't too bad but had a little bit of a dry mouth. so ok , thought either the seal had broken off duringthe night(i do turn around a bit while sleeping) or the humidity settingwas too low .(was set at 3 to start with) so secondnight , i tighten the mask a little bit more and increased the setting to 3.5.........the dry mouth actually woke me up in the morning so brought the setting to 4 since i didn't feel that the mask was leaking.
after my first week with it , i find myself with what feels like a congested nose every morning , during the day and before bed(basicly all the time) including a dry mouth in the morning , plus feeling tired.........after a year of trying different mask and all , i'm just about ready to give it up alltogether......can anyone at all offer any kind of suggestion as to what i might be doing wrong or alternative mask that might help........i hate to give up but i'm just tired altogether now and discouraged.......
thank you for any help anyone could provide me

February 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterroger

Hello roger,
I think you are having side effects on using that masks. What you need to do is go back to your doctor and tell about your situation.

February 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersleep apnea
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