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A Patient's Review of CPAP and the ResMed Quattro FX

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with a local CPAP user about the ResMed Quattro FX full face CPAP mask.  The patient is a 45-year-old white male of normal weight and we will call him George.

George had a sleep study in December 2010.  He was surprised at the results.  The doctors found he stopped breathing on multiple occasions throughout the night and determined that his quality of life was being affected by Obtructive Sleep Apnea.  Just days later he was ready to start CPAP therapy.  He visited his local DME and was given a Respironics System One Auto CPAP machine, and a ResMed Quattro (original design) CPAP mask.  After some initial training, he was sent home to start his new life on CPAP.

After the first few nights, George noticed an immediate difference in his sleep quality.  "I think I had OSA for most of my life.  I can't believe the difference," George commented.  Although he was happy with the machine, he found the mask to have pressure points and annoyances that bothered him.  "The forehead piece was in the way.  When I would turn to sleep on my side, it would get caught on the pillow and break the seal," he said.  George also had the same problem that many original Quattro patients report.  The mask is supported on the bridge of the nose and tends to rub and irritate that area.  This area of the nose is home to the thinest section of skin in the human body.  It's very easy to disturb.

After some conversations with his DME, George did some research on the Internet about CPAP masks to determine if he could find a better one for his particular issues.  After viewing our site,, he became well informed of the available full face masks on the market and wanted to try them before buying.  Let me take a quick moment to mention that George is a friend of our company and he knew what we had to offer.  We asked George to visit with us and try on the different full face masks to determine which he liked the most.  The ResMed Quattro FX had just been released to the US market, and we were anxious to have a CPAP user's opinion.  George had tried the Respironics ComfortGel full face from his DME during this time, but "it caused me to sweat and that caused irritation."

After trying the Quattro FX in our office, George seemed happy.  He wanted to try it while sleeping.  He contacted his DME to order a Quattro FX and he received it shortly after.  George had a few key points to share about the Quattro FX:

  • "I feel like I could forget that it's even on."
  • "I can still wear my glasses to watch television."
  • "When I sleep on my side, there is no forehead piece that gets in the way."
  • "It grips very comfortably and is very soft on the bridge of the nose."
  • "This is the mask to have if you are a side sleeper."
  • "The headgear is softer and holds the mask really well."
  • "Best thing ever!"
  • "I haven't had a seal break yet."

Needless to say, I think George has found his mask of choice.  This is a similar story we are hearing from patients who have purchased the mask directly from and did not use insurance.  In fact, we have heard no negative comments.  I think ResMed has a new flagship in the full face lineup and we certainly have a new favorite to recommend to our patients.  As for CPAP therapy in general, George wasted no time becoming a natural.  When last we spoke, he was using his machine for a full eight hours each night, which is unusual for a new patient.  He is surprised at the amount of energy he has, as well as his overall mood stability.  We are happy we were able to help him and we know that his story is one that is being repeated across the country.  Keep up the good work, people!


About the ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP mask:

The Quattro FX represents a new design element for ResMed masks. With no forehead support to obstruct views, patients can read in bed or watch television to fall asleep. No forehead support doesn't mean no support, however. New technologies in the Spring Air™ cushion and Spring frame give the stability and adjustment provided by a conventional forehead support. The high-tech Spring Air cushion distributes pressure evenly and absorbs even the slightest user movements, so users can enjoy a good night’s sleep confident that their seal is safe.


  • Lightweight, unobtrusive design reduces patient anxiety
  • Soft, stable cushion and quiet performance enhance comfort
  • Compact size has fewer parts for greater simplicity
  • Clear line of sight
  • Built-in vent
  • 360 degree elbow rotation
  • Tension reducing headgear design
  • Contoured cushion membrane prevents red marks on bridge of nose
  • Set and forget headgear clips


(VIDEO) Introduction to the Quattro FX:
(watch more videos from our YouTube channel:

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Reader Comments (2)

I have to say that for higher settings I would not reccommend this mask, however- I have a setting of 17 and the mask either pops leaks left and right or pulls itself apart under the pressure. I imagine that those on a lower setting would be fine, though.

August 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

My setting is 7 and it stays together just long enough to let you get to sleep and then pops open at the bridge of your nose to wake you up. EXTREMELY frustrating! Yet after trying at least a half dozen other masks, this is the 1st one that fits my face and doesn't leak around my nose into my eyes. If it would only stay together I would be thrilled!

September 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKirk
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