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Top 10 Myths About CPAP Therapy and E-retailers

From our experience with CPAP patients, we have compiled a top list of myths or misconceptions that we hear from time to time.  We hope to dispel the myths and continue to education our patients about choices and options.  Enjoy!

Myth # 1 - I don't have insurance, so I can't get a CPAP machine.
Of course you can!  Our entire website caters to those individuals who have no insurance, limited insurance, or high deductibles.  More often than not, we can sell a machine and mask for significantly cheaper than insurance companies offer.  Those with high deductibles and high co-pays can immediately see the benefit of buying the exact same supplies directly.  Don't rent your machine either!  The long term cost of renting and the buying is far more than just buying from the start.

Myth # 2 - I have to use the CPAP mask and CPAP machine I am given.

Not true.  You have choices and you get to pick what is right for you.  Don't settle for the limited options that your insurance company provides. 

Myth # 3 - I can't get reimbursement from my insurance company for CPAP parts.

This one depends on your insurance company, but we have a very high success rate of patients being reimbursed for CPAP supplies.  Check with your insurance company first for out-of-network providers and how much you can be reimbursed.

Myth # 4 - I have to rent a CPAP machine before I can purchase it.

You may be renting now, but you can return that rental and own a CPAP machine.  You have the option, and we want you to be informed!

Myth # 5 - CPAP machines are too expensive to buy.  I rent mine from the insurance company.
Again, our prices are well below normal pricing schedules that are set by insurance companies.  Just check our website at and find out how we can help you.

Myth # 6 - There aren't many CPAP masks or CPAP machines to choose from.
We stock more than 25 different machines, and over 75 different masks.  The choices are abundant.

Myth # 7 - Internet providers can't give the same service as my local company.
All Internet providers are capable of providing quality service and support for your CPAP therapy.  In fact, most of us go out of our way to provide you with quality care, even though we may never meet in person.  With, you have unlimited access to our Customer Care representatives and our medical advisors.  We help patients on the phone and through email that do not purchase from us.  That's just part of what we do.  We want to be a part of the community, not just a reseller.

Myth # 8 - I can just buy off Amazon, I don't need to visit any other site.
CPAP Machines and CPAP Masks, being prescription items, should be purchased from a company that can provide you support after the sale.  Although we love Amazon, when purchasing medical supplies we suggest a company that can offer follow-up services and expert product information.

Myth # 9 - My machine I bought 10 years works fine, I don't need to change it.
If you are not aware of the advances in both technology and design for CPAP machines and CPAP masks in just the last two years, you are missing out.  Machines are quieter, masks are softer, and compliance is rising every day.  New technologies allow every breath to be monitored and every hypopnea tracked.  Don't miss the opportunity to improve your therapy.  Research the newest machines available on our website and discover the difference that a quality machine and mask can make in your night.

Myth # 10 - E-retailers are not concerned with patients, only profits.
If there is one thing we wish we could explain to everyone its that is not interested in profits only.  Yes, we are an Internet retailer, and yes we have to be concerned with profits, but this mentality of selling products just for the bottom line is not true.  We, and our competitor websites, focus on patient interaction from the start.  We go that extra mile to provide service, not just products.  Our manufacturers demand it.  Our patients demand it.  We demand it from ourselves.

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Reader Comments (2)

Here are other myths:
- CPAP Myth
CPAP is an oxygen machine.
- CPAP Truth
CPAP is a device that acts as a pneumatic splint for your airway, keeping it from collapsing by providing a prescription pressure via a mask. One of the primary goals of CPAP is to keep your oxygen levels in normal range and typically this is accomplished by providing that splint.
- CPAP Myth
CPAP will cure my sleep apnea.
-CPAP Truth
CPAP is a continuous treatment therapy and the only 100% proven effective treatment for sleep apnea. Though weight loss through diet and exercise may reduce your symptoms and result in a lower prescribed pressure, never discontinue use of your CPAP without consulting your physician.

March 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercpap supplies

Patients are advised to consult a primary physician or specialist before purchasing cpap suppliesor equipment.When a patient
experiences an 'apnea' their breathing stops for a prolonged period of time. Some patients, after overcoming the apnea,
will experience a hperpnea, which is rapid shallow breathing to compensate for the lack of oxygen experienced during the
apnea. One treatment for sleep apnea is the use of a bilevel positive airway pressure machine, or BiPAP for short.

May 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercpap supplies

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