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How To Buy A CPAP Mask - Nasal Pillows Mask Examples

Nasal Interface (Also called Pillow Style) CPAP Masks

  • Innomed Nasal Aire II Interface - Nasal-Aire II is sold with all three sizes for easy fitting and includes optional headgear for stability. A sizing gauge is available for easy and accurate fitting.
  • ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow System For Her - The Swift FX Nasal Pillows CPAP masks come with several sizes of dual-wall nasal pillows ensuring a gentle, comfortable and wide fit range. The pink soft wraps enhance cheek comfort, and a lightweight flexible short tube allows a range of sleeping positions with pink low profile headgear.
  • Respironics OptiLife Nasal Interface - The OptiLife features an unobtrusive headgear system that relies mostly on the chin, whereas most nasal interface systems use only the nose for support.
  • CPAP PRO - The "NO MASK" - Since CPAP PRO has no bulky or annoying Velcro straps that have to be tightened during the night to prevent leaks, you can comfortably lay in a variety of sleep positions that are nearly impossible with CPAP masks.



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