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Holiday Travels With CPAP

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will be travelling to see friends, family, or merely on a trip to get away for a while.  Travel with all the restrictions and stress is tough enough in itself, but how about those in need of CPAP therapy for their sleep apnea?  Should you take your CPAP machine on the road, or in the air?

Many wrestle with the dilemma of “Do I take my CPAP machine with me, or not?”  An unwise alternative is to leave your CPAP at home and do without your needed therapy when you travel.  This is an all too frequent decision by CPAP patients, but it is both dangerous and ill advised.  Business travelers function at a lower level due to factors such as jet lag, time changes, or simply the hectic schedule itself.  For a vacationer, there is nothing worse than having your down time interrupted by a snoring spouse or partner.  Most important is the fact that there are documented reports that show an increase in motor vehicle accidents with untreated apnea that could cause serious injury.  Having a major medical problem while you are travelling makes the problems with carrying your CPAP machine trifling by comparison.

Most manufacturers now have CPAP machines that are perfect for travelling.  They are lightweight and come with a convenient carrying case.  Fisher & Paykel has a hard sided suitcase-style travel container available.  In addition, for the air traveller, Medical Alert Tags are available to attach to the machine notifying TSA (Transportation Security Administration) that:  CPAP Respiratory Equipment is acceptable carry-on for all airlines and that it may be inspected but should not be separated from the prescribed owner.   In most cases, the CPAP machines do not count as a carry-on.

So remember, for all you travelling, on-the-go "CPAP People", Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment doesn't need to interfere with your life!  There are many systems that are fully portable, so go, go, go!

Safe travels to you all!

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