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How To Buy A CPAP Mask - Nasal Mask Examples

Standard Nasal CPAP Masks

  • Respironics ComfortGel Blue - The ComfortGel Blue is a new iteration of an old classic, the ComfortGel. By far one of the most popular masks ever, the ComfortGel is easy to use, easy to clean, and very comfortable. An updated gel technology cushion and silicone comfort flap gives even more comfort and softness than the previous generation. Exhalation micro ports were designed to ensure a quieter operation and redirect air away from you and your bed partner.
  • ResMed Mirage™ SoftGel Nasal Mask - This mask's one of a kind DoubleGel cushion includes a blue gel layer for strong support and a clear gel layer that gently conforms to individual facial curves.
  • Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 405 - Loved by millions, this mask comes with 2 different size cushions to allow for a proper fit at home. The 405 is considered a universal fit mask.


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