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How To Buy A CPAP Mask - Interface Types

There are five basic types of CPAP masks:

  • Example of a Standard Nasal CPAP MaskStandard Nasal CPAP Masks - The most popular style, this mask type covers only the nose during therapy. A silicone or gel cushion surrounds the nose and CPAP is delivered via the nostrils. Direct air is not delivered to the nostrils, instead a balloon of pressure is created all around the nose. Most patients find this mask type to be the easiet and most comfortable.
  • Full Face CPAP Masks - This style is becoming more popular because fitting is so much easier. A Full Face CPAP mask envelopes both the nose and the mouth of the patient. Perfect for mouth breathers, CPAP can be delivered via either the nose or mouth or both at the same time. This interface style is also popular as a backup mask for patients when nasal congestion is an issue.
  • Nasal Interface (Pillow Style) CPAP Masks - The Nasal Interface delivers CPAP directly into the nostrils of the patient. No surrounding mask parts cover the nose or mouth. Side sleepers enjoy this mask type and it works really well with low pressures.
  • Oral CPAP Masks - The Oral interface is just that, oral only. CPAP is delivered only via the mouth and no interface to the nostrils is present. Very popular among mouth breathers who can not or choose not to use a chinstrap to keep the mouth closed.
  • Hybrid CPAP Masks - The hybrid masks were developed to bring together the ease of a full face mask with the delivery of a nasal interface mask. Hybrid masks deliver CPAP to both the mouth and directly to the nostrils, whereas a full face mask would deliver CPAP to the mouth and entire nose.



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