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FitBit May Perform Just Like A Home Sleep Test

FitBit - Main siteHave you heard of FitBit?  If not, let me take a moment to explain.  The FitBit is a small device that you can wear on your person to track health activities during your day.  You can upload the data to the FitBit website to track patterns and history.  It tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and (get this) sleep quality.  Yes, sleep quality.   If worn during the night, the FitBit can record awakenings and general movements during sleep.  Imagine that, the little thing is just like a home sleep test.  Sure, it can't actually record AHI or diagnose apneas, but its a start, right? The FitBit includes fantastic reporting options that can graph your sleep health, as well as overall health, and they are perfect for presentation to your doctor.

FitBit customers have already found the device to be invaluable for their overall sleep health.  Here's a little excerpt from the blog at FitBit.

“I’ve had my fitbit for months. I show anywhere between 25 and 55 red lines a night. And this is with it set at normal, not sensitive. Most are from just moving; I’m not aware of it. If I get out of bed the red lines are very thick.

There is a definite pattern. There are usually no red lines for the first 1-1/2 to two hours. Then it’s nearly constant. When a friend got a fitbit and only had up to five awakenings, I decided to go and have a sleep study. I’ve been waking up exhausted for years.

My sleep study doctor was very interested in the fitbit. He believes that it uses some of the same technology that the sleep lab uses. My sleep study showed that I didn’t have any problems until I hit what’s supposed to be my REM sleep — 1-1/2 to two hours after falling asleep.

I started using a CPAP machine. The new nose pillow masks are very easy to get used to. I feel better than I have in probably ten years.”

If you are even slightly interested in having a home sleep test but don't want to spend the money to have a full blown sleep test, or even to rent a home test, please check out FitBit.  It can give you and your doctor a better idea of whether a full sleep test is needed.

This device can also help with weight management and general health tracking, two more things that current CPAP users should always be aware of.  It can upload to Google Health too, and it uses wireless to transfer its data to your computer.  It really is a marvelous little "bit" of technology.  Check it out!

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